Who We Are

From our tongue-in-cheek name comes our essential idea. In a business and political world stifled by conventional thinking, we at The Strategery Group "think outside the lock box" to further our clients success. Our strength is the dynamic way we look at the world and develop communication strategies that provide our clients with unique competitive advantages. We reject the cookie-cutter approach to public relations. We don't have to break the mold for our clients. We don't use molds.

Ron Lahr

Ron Lahr is President of the Strategery Group using his mix of business and political experience to create and offer a wide range of integrated services.

His interest in politics manifested quite early when he started performing an impersonation of President Carter when he was in elementary school. Since then he has served as a volunteer or strategist for many local campaigns as well as co-founding the Kootenai County Reagan Republicans.

Ron has a variety of business interests and owns, or has owned, companies in the fields of fundraising, custom tile, photography, computer programming, triathlete supply, IT support and consulting. He has public relations and writing experience. He has led The Strategery Group's new media initiative. He has become a leading charitable and political fundraiser in North Idaho and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Post Falls Chamber of Commerce and the Jacklin Arts and Cultural Center.

Lahr has a Bachelor of Arts in Business (MIS) from Eastern Washington University.


Jeffrey Ward

Jeffrey Ward is the Senior Consultant at The Strategery Group and brings diverse experience spanning 23 years of working in public relations, marketing and political consulting. Ward has developed the reputation as one of Idaho's top strategists and communicators. Called by the Coeur d'Alene Press a "political heavyweight" he is widely considered the architect of the decisive 2010 Republican and 2011 conservative electoral victories in Kootenai County.

Formerly a top-producing marketing executive with Thomson Learning (now Cengage), Ward spent over ten years in the publishing industry in editorial, sales and marketing. Known for his innovative use of email and electronic media, he also distinguished himself as a corporate presenter and trainer, breaking sales records with a sales force new to marketing his product line.

Along with business, Ward has demonstrated his acumen in the world of politics. Beginning his career in 1988 as a Washington State district coordinator for George H.W. Bush's Presidential campaign, Ward then served on the staff of the Washington State Legislature. He was elected to the Young Republicans National Committee and acted as state Youth Chairman of Bush/Quayle 1992. A former Congressional staffer to Rep. George R. Nethercutt, Ward was instrumental in Nethercutt's 1994 defeat of the sitting Speaker of the House, a feat that had not happened since 1860. In 1999 Ward has served a political instructor for the International Republican Institute for its mission in the former Soviet republic, Ukraine. Since moving to Idaho in 2004 Ward co-founded the activist group, the Kootenai County Reagan Republicans and as president has lead it to prominence as "a player" in Idaho politics, according to Spokane's Spokesman -Review. In 2010 Ward was tapped by the Idaho Republican Party to lead its campaign operations in North Idaho and his efforts resulted in landslide victory with Republicans winning every federal, state and local office in Kootenai County, the regions largest county.

Ward has a bachelor of Arts in Political Science from University of Washington and a Masters Degree in American History from Eastern Washington University.


Jonathan Pool

Jonathan Pool as a consultant with The Strategery Group utilizes his diverse background in leadership, fundraising and technology. He is a valuable resource for our clients with strategic thinking, leadership and training skills gained from his service in the U.S. Army and further honed as part of the management team at Pandamic Inc. where he was responsible for crisis management and public relations. He has also worked in fundraising, ranging from small projects to large capital campaigns, serving in several capacities both with organizational and creative functions.

At Altek, as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) specialist, Pool developed new business processes to maximize the benefit from ERP technology. A gifted communicator, he conducted training with individuals and groups, made presentations to management teams and lectured at software-user conferences.

Pool earned a Bachelor of General Studies in Organizational Leadership at Gonzaga University.


Scott Carpenter

Scott Carpenter is the Director of Research at The Strategery Group and adds a wealth of knowledge and experience in management, media and information technology. Carpenter provides research support for all of the operational areas of the Strategery Group and specializes in online market, trend, demographic and opposition research. Utilizing the latest online and data-mining techniques he generates high-quality information and manages lists used to the advantage of our clients.

Carpenter has been a long time employee of The Strategery Group's parent company Pandamic Inc. and has managed computer network administration and technical support analysis as well as finance and administrative functions. He has a bachelor of Arts in Business (MIS) from Eastern Washington University.